We have an entire system synced together to provide sophisticated location based technology to help solve everyday problems.

The Dorsal end to end solution utilises mobile apps, a state of the art CMS, drones, an elegant website, GPS and optimal scanning functionality. The system can be re-tooled and deployed for other use cases with similar “data visualisation” and “search and alert” requirements.

From startups, community, government, research, environmental and organisational projects to enterprise solutions we can leverage our existing technology to save you time, and often quite importantly, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can pick and choose components of the platform and rebrand and customise the system to suit your specific needs. There is the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing platforms, organisations and API's.

Key opportunities to be explored include but are not limited to:

  • Bird Watching
  • Conservation Management
  • Koala Spotting
  • Illegal Animal Poaching
  • Bushfire Alerting
  • Earthquake Alerting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Breakdown and Maintenance
  • Pot Hole & Road Management
  • Property Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Wildlife Rescue
  • Research Projects
  • Council Reporting/Maintenance
  • Agriculture & Crop Management
  • Illegal Fishing
  • Flood & Disaster Management
  • Grizzly Watch
  • Croc Watch
  • Roadside Assistance
Dorsal platform