Our Story

Dorsal is the world's most advanced shark reporting and alert solution that empowers the public to make educated and informed beach decisions.

Our mission is to reduce risk while simultaneously supporting human and shark coexistence.

The Dorsal platform was born after a string of fatal shark attacks in Australia in 2015. Hours prior to these incidents, the same size and shark species had been seen in the area by members of the public. At the time, there was no way to alert the wider community.

Dorsal was built as a way for everyday citizens to share their shark sightings and as a tool for people to stay up to date with shark activity in their area. The Dorsal technology features reports from official channels, the public, Dorsal aerial surveillance partners and over 200 media outlets.

The Dorsal app allows beachgoers and authorities to immediately alert others to shark sightings and is available in Australia, Mainland USA, Hawaii and Reunion Island. All reports that come through are independently verified and then simultaneously posted to our Android and iPhone apps, website and our social media pages.

Our system includes a front-end website, backend CMS which is accessed via desktop, iOS & Android apps, web scanning and alerts modules, the public apps (Dorsal and Dorsal GPS) as well as our social media feeds.

For any enquiries, suggestions, partnership or advertising opportunities please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact page . We love to hear from our users and potential collaborators.